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Green Kundan Necklace Set | Heavy Kundan Necklace

Rs. 9,200.00

Introducing the Green Kundan Necklace Set - a breathtaking masterpiece that blends tradition and elegance, crafted to adorn the modern woman with timeless allure. This Heavy Kundan Necklace is a true reflection of artistry, meticulously designed to leave a lasting impression on any occasion.

Inspired by the regal heritage of India, the Green Kundan Necklace Set showcases the finest craftsmanship of skilled artisans. Each element is intricately handcrafted to perfection, using the highest quality materials that resonate with sophistication and opulence.

At the heart of this exquisite set lies the majestic Kundan pendant, which boasts a vibrant green hue that captures the essence of nature's beauty. The pendant is encrusted with gleaming Kundan stones that emit a mesmerizing radiance, accentuated by the brilliant sparkle of carefully embedded crystals. The flawless fusion of Kundan and crystals creates an enchanting interplay of light, making the necklace a captivating sight to behold.

The necklace is thoughtfully designed to complement various necklines, enhancing the allure of both traditional and contemporary ensembles. Its allows for a perfect fit, ensuring comfort without compromising on style. The carefully chosen green beads adorning the chain add an extra touch of elegance, creating a harmonious blend of colors that exude sophistication and grace.

Accompanying the Green Kundan Necklace is an intricately designed pair of matching earrings. The earrings mirror the splendor of the pendant, featuring the same delightful combination of Kundan and crystals. Suspended from the earlobes with grace, they frame the face beautifully and add a touch of regal charm to the wearer's appearance.

Crafted with passion and precision, this Heavy Kundan Necklace exudes a sense of heritage and timelessness. It is an ideal accessory for grand celebrations, weddings, festivals, or any momentous occasion that calls for grace and grandeur. The necklace set is also a perfect heirloom piece, destined to be passed down through generations, carrying forward the legacy of fine craftsmanship and eternal beauty.

To ensure its longevity, the Green Kundan Necklace Set is crafted with attention to detail and is free from any compromises in quality. The use of premium materials and secure clasps guarantees a durable and reliable piece that can be treasured for a lifetime.

This exquisite necklace set is not just a piece of jewelry; it's a celebration of womanhood, grace, and finesse. Whether you're the bride, the bridesmaid, or a guest attending a special event, this necklace set will make you stand out with its unrivaled allure and sophistication.

In conclusion, the Green Kundan Necklace Set is an embodiment of traditional aesthetics and modern sensibility. Its captivating design, superior craftsmanship, and enduring elegance make it an indispensable addition to every woman's jewelry collection. Own this masterpiece and embrace the grace and magnificence it bestows, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go.

Necklace: 17.5 X 5.5 cms, Earrings: 10 X 4 cms
Weight: 85 gms
Pack Content: 1 Necklace and 1 Pair of Earrings

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